Do you need help reducing or eliminating harmful chemicals from your property?

We help the owners of commercial properties reduce and/or eliminate harmful chemicals from their environment

Training Programs

After a 5-week hands-on training program and transition period, your staff will know how to maintain your landscape without using chemicals.

For a general program outline, click here.


Before you make any major decisions, make sure you are 100% confident.  We can come and inspect your property, do legitimate lab-standard soil tests and observe the plants, insects and wildlife.

In-Person Workshops

We offer customized educational opportunities for your business, institution or private event.  To see a general presentation outline, please click here.

Free Online Education

The opportunity for you to learn exactly what we know is at your finger tips. Please visit our ‘articles’ page to see our most recent publishings.

About Beneficial Environments

Beneficial Environments was established by Christine and David Young on the island of Hawaii.  The company was established to combat the conventional landscape methods of the continuous environmental bombardment of chemicals to handle pest and plant health issues.

Through years of fieldwork and observation, new environmentally friendly and more effective programs are being developed and implemented.

About Christine Young

Christine has a degree in Botany and a Permaculture Design Certificate from Oregon State University.  She is a lifelong student of nature and its amazing processes. Christine is the program designer and works with each client to design the ideal process to eliminate the client’s landscape challenges. 

About David Young

David Young is the technical service and business manager for Beneficial Environments.  He works in the field to implement client programs and assure a positive result for the client in a timely manner.